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since 10. Feb. 2013 under new management - now with the well known high quality Domaintechnik® support


Acquisition of insolvent Hanival GmbH (chillydomains) by Ledl.netGmbH -

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you may have noticed, Chillydomains had significant technical, administrative and economic problems during the recent weeks and months. Hanival GmbH as operator of chillydomains domain and hosting services is in bankruptcy since 20.Dec.2012. To recover all operative agenda (domain and hosting contracts, server systems and portals, as well as open claims) all assets were taken over by the GmbH on 18.Jan.2013, with the goal to offer excellent service quality to all Chillydomains customers from now on. GmbH, known under the brand name Domaintechnik® , is a quality supplier for web hosting and domain administration. With 14 years of experience in the Austrian and international market, GmbH with its technical stability and resources, is one of the leading web hosting providers in Austria. GmbH, Domaintechnik® is acquiring all customer relationships.

If you have already paid for the current domainregistration and webhosting year, you will receive this service year without any additional costs.
Claims resulting of the default of the insolvent Hanival GmbH and deleted domain names must be registered in the bankruptcy proceedings.

Also hosting and email services for your domain name will be continued by GmbH at no additional cost for the current hosting year.

As an immediate measure, the reactivation of blocked customers domains, websites and email servers was performed. Following measures are already in progress:

  • Stabilization, upgrading and maintenance of all chillydomains servers
  • Protection and improvement of all customer website and email services
  • Immediately ensuring all necessary domain renewals.
  • Contact point for further DE-domain management.
  • Restore chillydomains phone and e-mail support by our support team from 1. Feb. 2013.

We are pleased with the short-term solution for most Chillydomains problems.

Letter from the liquidator Dr. Christof Stapf and CEO GmbH Friedrich Ledl

Your new provider-team of Domaintechnik®, GmbH®

Acquisition of insolvent Hanival GmbH by GmbH, Domaintechnik®

Commercial court of Vienna (007), reference number 5 S 174/12s
Opening of Bankruptcy: 20.Dec.2012
Application Deadline: 07.Feb.2013
Marginally: Bankruptcy is negligible.

Hanival Internet Services GmbH
Commercial Register Number: FN 271715g
Kirchengasse 13/1a
1070 Vienna

Dr. Christof STAPF lawyer
Esslinggasse 7
1010 Vienna
Tel.: 90 333, Fax: 90333 55

Liquidator deputy:
Dipl.Ing.Mag. Michael NEUHAUSER lawyer
Esslinggasse 7
1010 Vienna
Tel.: 90 333, Fax: 90 333 55

Letter from the liquidator Dr. Christof Stapf and CEO GmbH Friedrich Ledl

Imprint & company data of GmbH

Company Data:
Entity Name: GmbH
"Domaintechnik" is a registered word mark of GmbH
Use of the term "Domaintechnik" is allowed only with our written permission!
Chief Executive Officer: Friedrich Ledl
Line of Business: services in automatic data processing and information technology
Office Location: Lederergasse 6, 5204 Strasswalchen (Austria)
Contact: eMail: office (at)
Datacenter Location: InterXion, Louis-Häfliger-Gasse 10, 1210 Vienna (Austria)
Chamber of Commerce
Management consulting and information technology, WK Sbg.
Commercial Register Number: FN 258818s (competent court: Salzburg regional court) Austrian law applies
Tax Number: 064 8704
UID: ATU 61529037
Business Activity:
Hosting Webspace packages and email server with antivirus and SSL functionality on high quality servers in the data center Interxion in Vienna. Triple gigabit connection to international fiber networks
Domainame Registration and Management Domaintechnik®, GmbH is an accredited domain registrar with a broad portfolio of international domain names
SSL Certificates: SSL certificates are best suited for applications requiring special protection. These include for example: online shops, exchange of user data, secure customer areas, etc.